Chapter 2. Not a Clue (“Not Such a Wacky Story”)

“Not Such a Wacky Story”

Chapter 2. Not a clue.

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MotoMouse C2 started her “Mission Unnameable” the moment she found out about the place. Her snitch is The Wacky Old One: sluggardly slow, with big round eyes and a face of not a clue. Although he could barely see, the truth was out there, and now impossible to miss, even for him.
The week before MotoMouse C2 and The Wacky Old One met, news arrived to town and troubling information was in the airs.
An important number of Wacky Woodies had been captured once again from The Land, and taken somehow hostage, to the local prison.
No explanations were given to any of the victims, but The Wacky Old One, who is always up and down plants, trees and walls, decided to check out this issue.
What he found was only known as night terrors, where inexplicable situations, baffling horrors and defenceless results were the answer.



Chapter 3: What on earth is going on?


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