I hear you ask...


I want one. Where do we go from here?

When you see any of my products and you would like to purchase one (or more!), simply go to my Contact Page where you will find a contact form, my telephone numbers and my workshop address.

Please let me know which of the products you would like to purchase and where you will want it delivered. I will get back to you as soon as I have a quotation ready.

My answer will include all costs with delivery charges and no surprises. The piece or item you are purchasing will be fully insured in case it needs to be shipped to you.

If you want a piece that is not in my portfolio and you choose it to be individually designed and custom made for you, then we will arrange a meeting, if possible and necessary, to discuss your choices and options. This will include wood species, fixings and fixtures, other materials and finishes. The quotation I give you will stay as it is as long as the design does not change considerably and that’s a promise.

Once we have come to a conclusion you can confirm by paying a deposit of 50% of the total price we previously agreed in our meeting or E-mail conversation. The payment of the deposit and final settlement can both be done via bank transfer.

As soon as I get your deposit I will start getting the materials I need to start all works. You will receive photographs via E-mail as the piece is being manufactured.

I like it, but can I change the...

As you are you acquiring a bespoke piece of furniture to fit in a particular space, you may want to change some specifications. This may include timber species, fixtures (handles, hinges, drawer runners, etc), size, amount of drawers, amount of doors, colours, style, quantity and almost anything you can think of.

Why almost anything?

As a vegan, I do not offer or use any animal products or by-products for making my pieces. Leather, cowhide, shagreen, wool, fur, silk, mother-of-pearl, shellac and all animal products are a no-no.

None of the materials I use are tested on animals, including all glues, adhesive tapes and finishes.

How do I look after my new piece?

I think that because you are purchasing bespoke furniture from a cabinetmaker, you already understand the importance of looking after your belongings. It is an investment and we all want it to last, so it is important to look after it.

Your piece will be professionally finished and will need no further attention. Having said this, there are some simple precautions and preventive measures that I recommend you keep in mind.

It is always highly recommended that you keep your new piece away from direct sunlight, high moisture content rooms or rooms under constant changes of temperature. In the event of a spillage is a good idea to wipe it and dry it as soon as possible.

It is advisable not to slide objects on your piece, especially abrasive materials, and it is recommended to keep hot objects off any wooden surface. What better way to protect your piece than by getting a set of Ego Coasters!

It is advisable to keep your piece clean, but also recommended to stay away from chemical or other household cleaning products, polishes, oils or stains.

How do I look after oil finishes?

Unless you want a different finish, your new piece will have professionally applied natural oils, which will protect the piece for many years.

The natural oils I use, sometimes my own homemade blends, are splash-proof, alcohol and heat resistant. They are suitable for kitchen worktops and they are children friendly.

Oil finishes are pretty easy to look after. You won’t need more than a dry clean cloth to dust your piece and from time to time, you should wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and then with a clean, dry, soft cloth. But it really isn’t necessary to do it often unless the piece is under a lot of use.

I’ll be happy to give you some more advice if needed.

If your piece is going to be colour painted, I will always use quality furniture paint. This will allow your piece to be protected and looking as it should for many years to come.

I have my own designs. Can you make them happen?

There is nothing more satisfying to me than working on a project. I am passionate about understanding the needs of my customers and working with them. If you have technical drawings, sketches or as simple as an idea, I am more than pleased to give you my advice in terms of design alternatives and manufacturing possibilities.

Contact me via E-mail at diegobernasconidesigns@gmail.com where we can discuss your options. Lets work together to make your ideas become solid!

I would like to use my own materials. Is this possible?

It is perfectly normal to have some (or all) the materials you want in your new piece of furniture. If you are sentimentally fond of inherited objects, fabrics, handles or you simply own some or all the timber necessary to complete a one-off piece of furniture, I will be delighted to make it happen for you.

Do you offer a warranty?

I do indeed. From the moment you purchase any of my products you will automatically have a five year warranty which you will receive with your item.

How to use the warranty:

Once the piece has gone under inspection to establish the origin of the issue, we will discuss your options. Please E-mail me at diegobernasconidesigns@gmail.com to start a conversation.

What about deliveries?

I do offer deliveries.

I endeavour to deliver and install all my products myself, for my piece of mind as well as yours, but in the case that this is not necessary (i.e. small items) or possible (i.e. international clients) then be reassured that the item you have purchased will be appropriately packaged and fully insured.

Once the full fee has been received and a delivery date has been agreed, the item(s) will be ready to start their journey to you and to their chosen space.

About how much will I charge:

For purchases over £900 I will not charge delivery (UK only).

If we meet at one of my shows or exhibitions, you live close by and you would like to purchase one of my pieces, then I’m happy to deliver it for free once the exhibition has come to an end.

How long will I have to wait until it is finished?

Sometimes difficult to answer, as it really depends on the specifications of your order and your location.

As every piece or object I make is bespoke, the timing will vary but I aim to complete a pretty complex piece (for example a Bitbot Desk) in about eight to ten weeks. This also depends on the commissions that are already in progress.

Do you buy your timber locally?

I get all my timbers from a responsibly sourced Norfolk sawmill that has been handed down over generations. I see them as craftsmen themselves who really know their business. They offer a wide palette of sustainable native timber species, both common and rare, taking good care of their customers and always giving accurate advice.

I always choose all my timbers personally to make sure I get what I want, finding this way real character boards and true features in them. I can spend long mornings at the timber-yard!

As a vegan, I’m big on environmental issues, so I take the necessary precautions to keep my carbon footprint as low as possible, both in my workshop and in life.

I will not use tropical hardwoods from tropical forests for clear reasons. The only times I will work with these timbers is when I can get hold of old stock, naturally felled trees or reclaimed/recycled wood.

Second thoughts?

If you have any new ideas or design-change propositions as the piece is already being manufactured, I’m happy to discuss them with you. As long as the piece does not change considerably and I don’t have to backtrack on the process, there won’t be any extra cost for my work.

If I come up with my own suggestions, you will be the first to know. You see, there is a big difference between perceiving your piece of furniture on paper and seeing it on wood. So I often “design by eye” and change or adapt the piece if a beautiful feature (i.e. pattern, texture) shows up during preparation, giving your piece a unique quirk.

If you didn’t find what you were looking for and still have some questions, I will be very pleased to hear from you. Get in touch with me here.