Chapter 1. The Unnameable (“Not Such a Wacky Story”)

Not such a Wacky story.

Chapter 1. The unnameable

The story goes that an unmasked and very nippy subject whizzed by through the city, late in a light night, and broke into the local prison, the city’s zoo.
Like the sort, this prison captured and kept all sorts of Wacky Woodies, for no apparent reason other than outrageous Sapiens traditions. Many have even been born in this place and have never felt, seen, smelt or touched their great-grandwoodies’s place of origin. The Land.

MotoMouse C2 was different.
She was born in the city too, but had a vast knowledge of its streets, arrows, forgotten cul de sacs, and speed limits across the busy lanes.
She seemed to know between wrong and right, (using logic was her thing) and was able to act accordingly, but crucially, she saw the important connection between freedom and happiness. So, that night, she decided to quietly visit the unnameable place.

This is how it all began.

Meet MotoMouse C2.


Not Such a Wacky Story.


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