Anita’s Trinket Box

A client wanted one Anita’s Trinket Box as a birthday present for his sister Wendy. The design specifications including all dimensions are exactly as the original Anita’s Box. But I was able to play around with different woods here and there.

This box was made with London plane (lacewood) and it is joined together with hand-cut lap dovetails.

The lid was made from a single block of air dried spalted beech from the Sandringham Estate while the plinth and details (drawer handle and escutcheon), drawer runners and guides were made with English walnut. The drawer sides and back are also walnut and dovetail joined.

The hardware is from two different manufacturers, both excellent in reputation and top of the range in quality. The hinges are from Brusso Hardware (USA) and the lock is from Fine Box Hardware (Northern Ireland).

I made the tassel with embroidery cotton yarn (not silk) and the colour red was chosen by my client.

Thank you, Rod, and happy birthday Wendy!


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