“Walker” Sewing Box

The Walker Sewing Box is going to Surrey and has been commissioned by a quilt maker.

The box and the two removable trays have very specific dimensions to house all her bits and bobbins.

The inside of the lid has a quilted insert especially made by the owner and it is padded to serve as a work in progress holder, needle holder and whatever quilt makers do with their padded boxes.

She wanted the 3D illusion cube design in marquetry (actually parquetry), which is also an iconic pattern used in quilt making. 

Made in oak and English walnut with a melange of veneers used in the parquetry pattern on the lid.
As usual, hand-cut dovetails all around the box as well as the trays.
The solid brass tray handles were also hand-made and polished to complement the rest of the solid brass hardware and fixings.
The hinges are designed so they stop at 93˚, allowing the lid to stay opened without the need of a bulky lid stay.
The latch is a spring-loaded pivoting bar that opens when the button is pressed.


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