Wooden Animals

These wooden animals were originally made as a christmas present for little Miss Carrott.
They became so popular that I now make them to order and sell them at my exhibitions.
The Wacky Woodies are my best way to use all the ridiculously short off-cuts that I kept for years. You will find oak, cherry, maple, lacewood (London Plane), yew, sapele, ash, walnut, olive ash, mahogany, utile, cedar, beech, willow, eucalyptus, spalted beech, iroko, bamboo, sycamore, pine, and (hu)man-made boards, such as chipboard, plywood, and M.D.F.
I realised that people wanted them not only for their children or grandchildren but for themselves too, as a decorative item. So, for young children and for old kids.
They are superbly finished and I use children friendly natural oils.
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