My workbench: oak, iroko and spalted beech.

My new workbench is finished.

This workbench was made using iroko for the legs, frame and drawer sides and backs. I used oak for the doors, drawer fronts and front and back rails. Air dried spalted beech for the top and vices. This spalted beech is from the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and was cut into planks to my specifications.

I made it the traditional way, with mortise and tenon joints secured with handmade oak/iroko pegs and hand-cut dovetails. I used forward thinking products for the assembly, like vegan glues and finished with vegan natural oils and vegan wax.
It has two front vices and a tail vice, two very spacious drawers with a shelf next to them and four doors opening for storage.
It also has a removable false floor under the top that collects all shavings and sawdust that may fall through the bench dog holes.
I can finally fix the oily lawnmower on the new top!


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