Bitbot Beck

The Bitbot Beck desk: The top and sides are made from every bit of wood I find in the workshop, off-cuts and not so off-cuts, reclaimed and recycled.
I try to show as many contrasts as I can and always do my best to mix lovely hardwood grains with other softwoods and the most commonly used (hu)man-made materials, such as OSB, plywood and moisture proof MDF.
The rest of the desk is made in European oak and sapele, with hand-cut dovetail joints which make the contrasting drawer fronts.
Inside there is a sliding tray for a printer and a shelf.
The Bitbot series come in all shapes, sizes, species and prices, of course.
You will find teak, ash, oak, mahogany, sycamore, beech, pine, cedar, utile, sapele, cherry, maple, london plane, walnut and (hu)man-made boards. All of the components show their true hues and none are dyed.
View more about how it is made here.
Price for these dimensions:
Length 1.65m
Depth 47cm
Height 75cm

Furniture for life.

Handmade, finished by hand and oiled using only natural oils.

All vegan and cruelty-free products, including adhesives.

Every item, every time.

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