Map of the World Coffee Table Mapamundi

Made in solid ash and solid sapele, this table has been an ongoing project for nearly 5 years, as I started it while in college in Bristol. The table itself was finished then, but the map of the world in marquetry was a much bigger task, and other oncoming projects made my geographic (un)holiday stay behind.

I chose these species because of their beautiful contrast and grain, creating a warm point of interest in the room. (Plus the inevitable urge for finding the countries that you can actually name). (Always far from the full list).

It has four spacious drawers with hand-cut dovetail joints showing a very sturdy construction and style, and the fronts follow the same round shape of the top.

The built-in handles are designed so that there is no contact with the knees or feet, allowing more space between the sofa and the table.
The legs are square at the base, but as they go up they change into a soft rounded shape that meets the rounded top.

The making of the map of the world was a very slow process where each of the pieces of the puzzle were cut by hand with a craft knife and then joined to their neighbour, sometimes as small as half a grain of rice. And then another. And after that I cut another. And one day I finished Africa.
But then came Europe.

Dimensions are: 86cm x 67cm x 44cm high. 

View some pictures of how it was created here.

The world is in your hands. And if it fits in your place, I will accept any size job.

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