This hand-sculpted key bowl was made using bog oak from the wet Fens in Cambridgeshire after being dragged out from its nearly 10.000 year old home. It was then cut into planks and air dried for 15 years.

Very solid and compact body, not as heavy as I thought but I had lots of fun carving and making dust from such an old piece of almost mineral structure. The natural cracks where filled with resin and covered with molten metal.

As always, there was a lot of care and attention in the finishing process, making the metal contrast with the dark ancient oak. The natural oils make it impressibly smooth to the touch and the smell of vegan wax releases a fantastic fragrance, mixing with the natural oak aroma. How romantic…

If you would like a key bowl to join the top of a piece of furniture you have at home, then you may want something original and bespoke. Dark woods, light woods and hard woods. You decide.

Approx. dimensions:

35cm long.

17cm wide.

25cm thick.

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Furniture for life.

Handmade, finished by hand and oiled using only natural oils.

All vegan and cruelty-free products, including adhesives.

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