Raven Armoury – Talos Awakes – In collaboration

Talos Awakes sculptures.

I’ve been making a set of 12 plinths for some really creative sculptures done by Simon Fearnhamm, proprietor of Raven Armoury who along with his sons, create some really high end hand-made metal work. This ranges from swords, axes and knives, to (certainly different) furniture and sculptures showing a real talent in accuracy and intricacy.
It’s been great fun working with and for him, although I can imagine that from the outside, the meeting of two perfectionists was sometimes tedious…

More of his work? Check him out in his website at Raven Armoury.

If you like noise, trembling inner-sides, Top Gun and iconic British jets, then here is a very important job collaboration that I’m doing with Simon Fearnhamm. You can follow it from this link.

Have a look at the plinths as they are being done here!


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