Light Pattern Collaboration with Chris Wood

Playing with the light pattern and wood! I am both proud and excited to have been working along Chris Wood co-designing and making her latest project.
Chris is a Light Artist in Cambridgeshire and along with her team, they create some wonderful pieces of art that involve reflection, colour, light and in many cases, the Sun itself.

She is now hosting “Light Pattern”, an exhibition in 45 Park Lane, London.

Her pieces will be on show until 29th April, or you can always see her stuff in Paris, Hong Kong, Washington D.C. or Singapore if you don’t like London. If you fancy travelling to Scandinavia, make sure you go by cruise and you’ll see her art there too.
But here in Lincolnshire, I’ll let y’all see the sort of high tech equipment used for the making of this piece.

Pictures of the finished piece, on site at 45 Park Lane in London, click here!

You can visit her website here! 


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