Making the Wacky Grow Chart

Roberto the Aviator, a faithful returning customer, commissioned me to make a height chart for his son, Thomas, as a Christmas present to have (quote) for decades to come.

Have a look at it with the natural oil and ready for wrapping up here!

The Wacky Woodies are made with London plane, yew, oak, walnut, good old pine from a fence post, ash, beech from my daughter’s cot (I know, I’m going downhill…), other beech not from a cot and olive ash. The carved plaque is made with sapele and masur birch veneer, showing Thomas’s star sign, the Aries ram. (With some imagination).

I will make you a bespoke height chart in all different wood species and designs, free-standing or wall-hung.

The customer wanted the measurements marked in feet and inches only, but I’ll make it in centimetres, or both if you prefer. After all it is for you and you are paying.

Dimensions of the pictured one:

Height: 1m 34cm

Width: 20cm

depth: 2.5cm


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