Making the bespoke carved key bowls

These bespoke carved key bowls were made using an angle grinder with a saw blade (“Arbotech” sort of thing) and the result is a pretty scary power tool with very unforgiving potential. Don’t try this at home!

The combination between an angle grinder and a saw blade gives a terribly messy, risky and untidy result. So when most of the wood has been cleared off, the sanding begins and will take up most of the time until the bowl is finished. For such a small piece, that’s a lot of sanding.

There is a lot of handwork in making these shallow key bowls. In fact, the most important part in a small “simple” piece is the finishing process.

While I was studying Furniture Making and Design in Bristol, my tutor G. D. said that I could sand for Spain. I guess he assumed I was Spanish and not Argentinian, but I didn’t have the heart to make him feel green about geography. Also, it was an exam and the comment came along with a distinction mark, so I decided to momentarily change nationalities while I was around him. But I digress.

If you would like a key bowl to join the top of a piece of furniture you have at home, then you may want something original and bespoke. Dark woods, light woods and hard woods. You decide.

Price: £45

Approx. dimensions:

35cm long.

17cm wide.

25cm thick.