The F-box

My client F wanted a lockable personal box and I was free to play with whatever shape, design and wood species.
I knew that nature, organic forms and oriental design was of her liking so I decided to make this very special lady a very special birthday present.
This piece was made with European oak and English walnut, and it certainly was a pleasure to design, make and finish.
The acacia top was one of those pointlessly short pieces of timber that all woodworkers have in their workshop thinking that sometime they will come useful, but knowing very well that they won’t.
Well, this one did. And what a surprise!
The shaping of this organic top was done by hand, in both rough and gentle ways, thus giving such a changing display of hues in different natural and artificial lights.
The sizes are 39cm long x 26cm wide x 11cm high.

Happy birthday F!

Please contact me if you were thinking of having something personal like this trinket box, for a present or for yourself.


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