Kutsu Tawa Shoe Storage

Her shoes are all over the place.
One glove here. The other one, she doesn’t know. And I didn’t ask.
Her scarves are hanging, but every time she wants one, she’ll fight her way through her coats.
If only I had…
And so we met.
Kutsu tawa was made to fit in the entrance porch, where space is limited and the door needs to be fully opened.
I was commissioned to make a footwear storage cabinet, with separate compartments for gloves (in pairs…), scarves and hats. All neatly kept away but easy to reach, ready to venture outside into the wild world.
Made in solid oak and English walnut details, including the handmade walnut handles.

Go on. Get warm. Go out.

Furniture for life.

Handmade, finished by hand and oiled using only natural oils.

All vegan and cruelty-free products, including adhesives.

Every item, every time.


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