Chris wood – Light Artist – In collaboration

Chris Wood is a Light Artist in Cambridgeshire and along with her team, they create some wonderful pieces of art that involve reflection, colour, light and in many cases, the Sun itself.

I was involved in co-designing and making this artistic creation for Chris who is exhibiting this and many more pieces in 45 Park Lane, London, a very posh hotel, until 29 April 2019.

This is “Tadah”.

The fantastic looking glasswork was created by Stewart Hearn from London Glassworks.

The LED lights are transformed when they hit the dichroic acrylics, a material originally developed by NASA in the 1960’s. As they change colour, they now meet the next part of Tadah. The display is the result of the reflection given by the lights through Stewart’s beautiful handmade work.

To have a look at this piece as it was being made, click here!

Thank you, Chris, for the chance to work with you!


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