Chapter 3. What on Earth is Going on? (“NOT SUCH A WACKY STORY”)

The third chapter of “Not Such a Wacky Story” gives us yet another example of how the Sapiens believe that all animals are here for our benefit and entertainment, in a hopefully clear and tragically sarcastic tone.

Not Such a Wacky Story.

Chapter 3. What on Earth is Going on?

This zoo kept all sorts of Wacky Woodies inside ingeniously natural surroundings. Maybe a log here and there, deviously resembling wild, native and certainly savage landscapes and conditions.
They all had very discreet shiny white plastic containers on bricks for tap water coming from a long, unnoticeably bright yellow No-torsion-System hose.

There usually was a big rock around, and even some cunningly imaginative bunches of branches hanging off the roofs tied with bright-sky-blue rope, maybe sometimes taking too much attention from the nicely concreted levelled floors that were, again, cleverly disguised with the quaggy dirt.
When you think about it, nature really is like that, and even though the Wacky Woodies could choose anything else to do in their crafty new habitat, chewing that hose was at the top of fun-things-to-do.
The metal wire fence surrounding the small enclosure gave the impression of an undomesticated vast open realm with plenty of direct light at all times. And the whole sly setting worked a treat as wildlife camouflage, with the log and all.
But the Wacky Woodies needed to get a grip and appreciate their new lives, where everything is served on a plate.

These features granted a great opportunity for them to be seen at all times and so visitors could learn from their daily behaviour and natural habitat. Thanks to the bright lighting, you could visit them at any time and observe their routine. Just like in real life.

After all, the security electric fences were only there for their own safety. Cities can be dangerous places and you can’t just leave animals wandering around…


Don’t be ignorant. Say no to zoos.

Not Such a Wacky Story.


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