Candidus Lodge Case (and sword…)


This Candidus Lodge Sword Custom Case was a project for a client of a client.

I was asked to make a bespoke case for a sword that Simon Fearnhamm recently made, but his client wanted a special place to keep it in. And you don’t argue with men and swords.

This sword case was made with iroko and walnut details.

The Candidus Lodge Sword is yet another example of my work in collaboration with Raven Armoury.

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The engraving on the plaque reads:


This sword was made in 2018 by Raven Armoury as a replacement for the original Candidus Lodge Sword which was stolen from Grand Lodge.

The original sword was presented to the Lodge by W. Bro Knott-Bolton who was a founder and first treasurer. It was unique in many respects. The blade was made for the same cast of steel as was used on the making of the famous Stalingrad Sword, claimed to be the finest sword steel ever produced in this country. It was designed and fashioned by the same artist and craftsmen who were responsible for the Stalingrad Sword. On the steel blade is embellished the name of the Lodge, together with its Crest and the year of its foundation.


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