Bedroom Alcove – Reclaimed and Recycled Wood.

A bedroom alcove was in clear need of an update so I thought I’d use some of the numerous workshop off-cuts and mistakes (mistakes???) that I have lying around in the workshop.
The reclaimed bits and bobs used were from all sorts of places and recycled pieces. There is mahogany, ash, elm, sycamore one, sycamore two, walnut, maple, oak, iroko, keruing, spalted beech and some other wood looking timber.

The bedroom alcove is now a focal point in the cottage’s room with a very warm and welcoming feel.

The rest and smaller bits shall be used for Wacky Woodies.


Furniture for life.

Handmade, finished by hand and oiled using only natural oils.

All vegan and cruelty-free products, including adhesives.

Every item, every time.


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