Anita’s trinket box

Anita‘s trinket box is a thoughtful present for someone (or yourself…) to find a perfect place for all those love letters, the sad ones, and the ones we never sent but we still keep in our drawers…
Important documents and old pictures, everything can be locked safely away keeping our memories alive. 
Made in a traditional style with hand-cut dovetails and the size that suits you best. Depending on your love life.
Made in solid American cherry, English walnut and European beech. 

Dimensions are: 42cm long x 21cm wide x 22cm high.
I was awarded the City & Guilds Medal for Excellence for designing and making this piece in 2012.

Furniture for life.

Handmade, finished by hand and oiled using only natural oils.

All vegan and cruelty-free products, including adhesives.

Every item, every time.


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