Anita’s Trinket Box

Anita’s Trinket box was commissioned for Georgie’s birthday. She had her eye on it the moment she met me at one of my shows at The Garden Show in Stansted Park and now it was time to make it happen. In the meantime, she got plenty of Wacky Woodies for herself and family.

Anita’s Trinket Box was a pleasure to make. It has the same dimensions as the original, and the same woods were used, cherry, beech and walnut, but she also wanted me to design and make a tray that would float in the main compartment.

The hardware is from two different manufacturers, both excellent in reputation and top of the range in quality. The hinges are from Brusso Hardware (USA) and the lock is from Fine Box Hardware (Northern Ireland).

Have a look at Anita’s Trinket Box in different woods here!

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