I made a grow chart for growing Thomas.

Thomas is the son of a faithfully returning couple that I met in one of my exhibitions a while ago. In time, they bought some Wacky Woodies, key bowls and they also bought my daughter’s Wacky House (which until then was just for show…) but she still doesn’t know I sold it.
This year I met them again and now they wanted a height chart. I thought I could come up with something a tad more special than the ones online.
Made in walnut, oak and molten metal.
The Wacky Woodies are made with London plane, yew, oak, walnut, good old pine from a fence post, ash, beech from my daughter’s cot (I know, terrible…), other beech not from a cot and olive ash. The carved plaque is made with sapele and masur birch veneer, showing Thomas’s star sign, the Aries ram. (With some imagination).

I will make you a bespoke height chart in all different wood species and designs, free-standing or wall-hung.

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Please contact me for details for more information.

Ok, now I guess I should go and start my daughter’s Wacky House…