Get a free Thank You…

My new website is ready!

It’s been a long journey, sometimes a tiring one, many times a clueless one but in general it has been great fun to learn how to use WordPress. So I must thank them.

Also I must say thank you to James Thompson at in Norfolk who helped me getting started and patiently explained the pros and cons of the site, where I was going wrong and what are the meanings of the completely new vocabulary that internet nerds use these days. But I’m still clueless. I work with wood, not with electronics connected to plastics.

I also learnt that Google likes it when many (respectable) websites are linked to your own website, and so it is easier for people to find you online. Adding “keywords” like cabinet-making, bespoke, design, craftmanship (and here will be a boring long list of keywords simply to rank me up, so if you don’t feel like educating yourself, just continue from the next paragraph…), fine furniture, furniture maker, bespoke joinery, commissioned, hand-made, wood and hardwood, woodwork, bespoke furniture, custom design, woodworking, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, (are you following me? Click there for my respectable links…) and the list keeps going. But there is more to life that being liked by Google. Bespoke interiors and wooden gems.

Medal for excellence. Award winner.


There is a whole world behind technology, and every time you click on a link, for example this one, Google makes me more out there, man.

Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, and so many others work the same way, but it seems Google has the monopoly.

I like Duckduckgo, but Google really is better.

Gracias to my brother Pablo Bernasconi (check him out for a nice surprise) who helped me with my first blogspot thingy and helped me with my business cards from Vistaprint.

Anyway, if you are still reading this, thank you for coming all this way to read about the boring stuff.

Keep in touch, click the links.

If you like my bespoke furniture, come back in a while and look at my portfolio again. And please tell people about me. I reckon “word of mouth” technology works far better than Google.

I thank all the people that started as clients and became friends, which I’m proud to say, it’s all of them. You see, I’m a nice man and I make very good quality furniture. Not for the masses, but for you.

Actually there is only this one guy, but they weren’t very nice anyway.

If we haven’t met yet, I hope I meet you sometime in one of my exhibitions. You never know, you might want something special you didn’t know you wanted.

Thank you and chau for now.

Diego Bernasconi -Cabinetmaker-